Wednesday, February 04, 2009

GEORGE CARLIN (to Jon Stewart):

"Don't forget
what we do is oratory.

It's rhetoric.

It's not just comedy;
it's a form of rhetoric.

And with rhetoric,
you listen for rhythms.

You look for ways to sing
at the same time you're talking."

"... It's just natural!

My grandfather, whom
I never knew...

...was a policeman in New York
at the turn of the century,
and he was an uneducated man,
self-educated, and he...

...in the course of his adult life
he wrote out the works of Shakespeare...
by hand, because of the joy it gave him!

JON STEWART: That's an obsessive young man!

Yeah! And almost everything is genetic,
and my mother cared a lot about language,
and my father was a...
...champion public speaker of 1935, he won the mahogany gabble...

...over 800 other public speakers from the Dale-Carnegie Public Speaking Institute...

...and he was great, I never knew him either!


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